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'The Great Peckham Infallible Cure'

'The Great Peckham Infallible Cure'

An unusual cabinet card portrait of a man standing outdoors next to a large sign advertising J.R. Coy’s ‘Great Peckham Infallible Cure’ which will apparently treat all manner of diseases and unfortunate medical conditions, including rheumatism, gout, toothache, sciatica, bronchitis, throat ulcers and inflammation of the bowels.

J.R. Coy is probably the man standing next to the sign and the humble dwelling visible in the background is presumably the ‘sole manufactory and principal depot’.

Photographed by J. Fawn of 13, Copeland Road, Peckham, possibly the son of William Henry Fawn who operated at this address circa 1882-1883.


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