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'Scotch Washing'

'Scotch Washing'

A carte-de-visite portrait of a Scottish woman washing clothes. A printed caption recto in the lower margin reads: 'Scotch Washing'.

According to the extensive information printed on the reverse of the mount: 'In many parts of Scotland, the method of Washing Clothes by treading them with the naked feet in a large tub is still practised. It appears to have originated in a desire to save the carrying of water, and to economise hard labour. Hence, housewives and maidens carried their washing to the burn-side. Formerly, soap was not used to any great extent, and the washing of clothes was not such an easy task to the housewife of the last century, as it is to the matron of the present day, with her abundant supply of cheap soap, and other preparations, not to speak of wringing machines.'

Photographed by D. Macara of Edinburgh.

Code: 126304
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